MALAYSIA SCILAB Users Seminar 10-June 2014

MALAYSIA SCILAB Users Seminar 2014


Tues 10-June 2014
9am – 12.30pm
Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Admission is free by pre-registration only

The Malaysia Scilab Users Week is a Malaysian version of the annual Scilab International Users Conference held in Paris, France. It is a dedicated platform for current and future Scilab users to share their experience and usage expertise in implementing applications using the Scilab: the world’s most popular open source software for numerical computation and simulation. The event is focusing on sharing real and practical user stories on adopting Scilab in both the teaching and research environmental setting.

We are honoured that Dr Claude Gomez, the founding member of the Scilab software and CEO of Scilab Enterprise will grace this event as a keynote speaker. We will also be having several users of Scilab from Academic and Industry who will share their experience in the adoption of Scilab in their teaching, research and application.

In conjunction with this event, we would like to invite all lecturers, researchers, students, engineers and scientists in Malaysia to come and experience this new and exciting software. The presenters will be sharing articles that illustrate teaching methodologies, research results, projects, and industrial applications that describe significant implementations using the Scilab software. Also, this is a great time to network and mingle with like-minded professionals using Scilab and understand the future of the Scilab development path.

Keynote Speaker’s Profile

Dr. Claude Gomez graduated in 1977 from the École Centrale de Paris in engineering. He received a PhD degree on numerical analysis in 1980 at Orsay University (Paris XI).

He was a senior scientist researcher at INRIA (The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control). He began to work in numerical analysis of partial differential equations and he was one of the authors of the Pandore expert system for solving stochastic control problems. Then his main topics of interest are the links between Computer Algebra and Numerical Computations and he made the Macrofort Maple package for generating complete FORTRAN programs from Maple. He is involved in the development of the Scientific Software Package Scilab since 1990. He is co-author of the Metanet toolbox for graphs and networks optimization and he made a Maple package for generating Scilab code from Maple.

He is co-author of a book in French about Computer Algebra (Masson, 1995), editor and co-author of a book in English about Scilab (Birkhäuser, 1999), and co-author of a book in French about Scilab (Springer, 2002).

He was the leader of the Scilab Research and Development team since it was created in 2003 at INRIA and he was the Director of Scilab Consortium since its integration in the DIGITEO foundation in 2008. Currently, he is the CEO of Scilab Enteprises, the official publisher and professional services provider of Scilab software.

Registration and Start of Seminar
9.15amKeynote Speech & Presentation
Dr Claude Gomez
Founding Member of Scilab & CEO of Scilab Enterprise

Scilab: Open Source Licensing
Industry Acceptance of Scilab
Scilab Future & Beyond

10.30amTea Break
10.45amScilab Users Sharing Session

University adoption of Scilab for Teaching and Research
Prof Dr R. Badlishah Ahmad
School of Computer and Communications Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Teaching of Automatic Controls at The School of Mechanical Eng.
Assoc Prof Dr Zahurin Samad
School of Mechanical Engineering
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Scilab for Teaching and Learning in Numerical Computing
Assoc Prof Dr Mohammad Khatim Hasan
Faculty of Information Science and Technology
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Scilab as a Tool for Teaching of Machine Design
Dr Marwan Affandi
School of Mechatronic Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Perlis

CT Image Reconstruction for X-ray & Neutron Tomography Using Scilab
Puan Khair’iah bt Yazid@Khalid
Agensi Nuklear Malaysia

12.30pmConclusion and end of seminar

This event is organised by

Trity Technologies Sdn Bhd 874125-T
26-3 Jalan Puteri 2/4, Bandar Puteri
Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel +603-80637737
Fax +603-80637736


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