LiMux – GNU/Linux Distribution

Sekadar berkongsi Kegembiraan dan Semangat….

City Council of Munich telah beralih menggunakan FOSS melalui pengubahsuaian GNU/Linux yang dinamakan LiMux… Tahniah………….

LiMux is a project by the city council of Munich to migrate their software systems, including by now (January 2013) 15,000 personal computers and laptops of public employees, to free and open source software. Similar projects were started with differing success in Vienna (Wienux),[2] Solothurn,[3] Amsterdam (Open.Amsterdam),[4][5] and Zaragoza (AZLinux).

LiMux is also the name of the Linux distribution being used for the project. LiMux is the first Linux-based workplace certified for industry use (ISO 9241) by the TÜV IT, Technical Service, Germany.[6] It was based on Debian. Version 3 available from December 2010 is based on Ubuntu 8.10 and version 4 available from August 2011 is based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS,[7] although using KDE Desktop 3.5.[8]




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