GIS – Free Software

Satu lagi produk OSS Geographical Information System (QGIS).  En Abbas ialah orang pertama mempelopori QGIS dana digunakan di agensi beliau. Beliau kini semkain popular dengan dipanggil memberi latihan menggunakan QGIS, baru2 ini di Perlis. Semoga usaha beliau memperkembangkan penggunaan OSS mendapat sambutan. Berikut extrak dari blog beliau. []

What is GIS?
A digital age technological system about information on geographical features covering spatial and non-spatial data:

  • “Geographical” because it primarily deals with geographical features;
  • “Information” because it can churn out information from data;
  • “System” because it can retrieve, vizualize, edit, store, query and analyse GIS data.

Although it fundamentally deals with mapping (in the first stage) and analysis (in the second stage), GIS is more prized for its analytical ability to extract information from geographical data. This is where the fun is. Things get interesting if your data (be it topology and attribute) is “clean” which is not easy to do because they usually involve a voluminous amount of data.


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