C or C++

Disini saya nak share sedikit tentang Bahasa Pengaturcaraan C. Berikut adalah petikan dari artikel yang diperolehi di:http://how-to.linuxcareer.com/c-development-on-linux-comparison-between-c-and-other-programming-languages

Some of you may wonder: if C++ is so similar to C, but it’s more complex and offers more, why bother with C? This has been a topic discussed more than it should have been, and we will try to give an answer of our own. First of all, C is simpler. K&R has 266 pages, while “The C++ programming language” by the creator, Bjarne Stroustrup, has 1090. ‘Nuff said. Second, existing code. Regardless of hardware architecture, operating system or purpose, C is widespread and then some. From OS kernels to GUI libraries, C is there and has no intent to leave anywhere. That isn’t to say C++ isn’t used by many developers. We’re just saying that sooner or later you’ll find yourself having to work with C code or use a language influenced by it, so C knowledge is always good-looking on a CV. Third, if you want to learn C and C++, you’re better off starting with C, because of its’ aforementioned simplicity and because once you’ll have the basics, C++ will look easier to learn. Finally, it’s all about the right tool for the job. If you need fast code, the ability to go low-level and a simple language, go with C.


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