Free Software is not Free of Charge!

Both FOSS and proprietary software require some financial investment. But remember, proprietary software is not yours, even after you initially shell out a lot of money for it. When a Big Company says you need an update because they no longer support your version, the only choice you have is to update the software. However, updated versions inevitably have higher system requirements, which often equate to additional investments in hardware.

On the other hand, FOSS is yours. Sure, it has its own life-cycle and some older versions are no longer supported – but generally speaking, there are still versions of FOSS on the market that can work on x486 PCs. Since they’re (un)officially supported, they get fresh security updates and so on.

Do you have any x486 in your attic? How about a desire to put new soul in your ex-scrap? FOSS software is predominantly more efficient in resource usage, simply because it’s open. If someone sees a place that can be improved, it will happen. You don’t need to seek help from Big Company to make changes in the code.

Are you convinced? If you haven’t already, when will you start your migration to FOSS?

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